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The Swift/iOS Bootcamp

Unleash your full potential as a developer!
Course produced by Flavio Copes

This is a 2-months-long cohort-based course. New modules of learning material are unlocked and sent to you weekly. This bootcamp is packed with tons of information and practical projects. The goal is to move you from zero Swift knowledge to become a skilled iOS developer with several iPhone/iPad apps in your portfolio. The bootcamp is 100% focused on SwiftUI, the technology to build the iOS apps of the future, and iOS 15.

Dates to be announced soon.
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The course will cover those topics deeply:
  • The basics of Swift
  • The basics of Xcode
  • The basics of iOS
  • The basics of SwiftUI
  • Build you first iOS application with SwiftUI
  • iPhone vs iPad apps
  • Designing iOS apps, from mockup to code
  • Advanced Swift
  • Build network-based apps
  • Build data-driven apps
  • Publishing your apps on the App Store
  • ...and much more! You'll build lots of cool apps in this course!

How the course works

This is not your typical video course. It's built upon lots research and experiments on non-linear learning and efficient self-learning. The material is based on a mix of text based lessons, short videos, snippets of code, quizzes, flash cards, exercises and practical projects. There will be a private Discord community to talk with other students of the course, and you will have private email support from Flavio, the creator of the course.


Duration is subjective. Video courses like to list the video length. Since this is a nonlinear course based on text lessons, it's hard to estimate. It depends on how much time you dedicate to it, your background, and your habits. After you enroll you'll have forever access to the course.


  • No prerequisites. This course does not assume any prior knowledge with programming languages, Swift or iOS development. It will assume you have a Mac and iOS device that can run the latest Apple Xcode.